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Current Version 4.3.1118.1

Order EXPRESS is an EDI translation software and bar-code printing program for the Caterpillar® ZWIP & Mach 1 program. ZWIP is an acronym for the Zero Warehouse Inventory Program. ZWIP is an internal initiative to reduce the amount of on-hand inventory and streamline procurement. Products are delivered daily in a Just-In-Time manner. Mach 1 is the modern update to ZWIP starting in 2011. Order EXPRESS aids this process by taking EDI X12 data and converting it into Standard Practice 20 (SP20) bar-coded labels while simultaneously creating return electronic packing list and invoicing EDI documents.

In 1988 Custom Programming Unlimited was formed to create software to reduce the number of steps this process required for a supplier. Originally written for DOS early versions were known as Pick Ticket Professional. In 1992 after a complete re-write for Windows™ the name was changed to Order EXPRESS.

Current versions are compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Sp20 Sample ZWIP Sample Pick Ticket