Order EXPRESS Product Info


Order EXPRESS for Windows is a custom software package exclusively for Caterpillar® suppliers on the ZWIP, FAST TRACK and now the Mach 1 program. If you are not a Caterpillar supplier, then this software is not for you. 


Order EXPRESS prints bar-coded labels from orders sent directly to suppliers via Internet or modem. Bar-codes can be printed on a local laser printer, printed on a network printer in another office, faxed directly from a pc to another location while maintaining the bar-code integrity, or electronically transferred to another location running Order EXPRESS. Orders can be batched by part number or delivery location and routed to their destination by any or all of the above mentioned transfer methods.


Order EXPRESS creates electronic turn-around documents including: Advanced ship notices and Invoices. These documents are batched to greatly enhance data entry efficiency. A data base with pricing and other information is maintained and linked with each order for accurate handling.


Order EXPRESS is user friendly. All screens are designed to be as simplified as possible and warning prompts always precede selections that could change your data.


Order EXPRESS is compatible with data files from the previous generation of Order EXPRESS for DOS.  All of the pricing and notes gathered from years of using Order EXPRESS are fully imported into the new database format.

Open Standards

Order EXPRESS uses standard Microsoft Access (.mdb) database files. Standard files ensure your precious data is available for use in third party reporting tools like Crystal Reports. Clients also regularly export data to Microsoft Excel.

Technical Details

Requires: Windows XP, Vista 7, 8, 8.1 (64 or 32 Bit)
High-performance Visual C++ compiled product using state-of-the-art compilers and debuggers. The main executable is under 1MB!
All versions are Multi-User and Client/Server compatible using a Microsoft Access database. Written using standard ODBC database calls for scalability with MS SQL Server and other relational databases.

Licensing Cost

Order EXPRESS is licensed with the following provisions:
A hard-copy license agreement must be signed and returned before activation code is provided.
License period is from January 1st through December 31st. Mid-Year purchases are prorated to December 31st.
An initial software payment plus the prorated yearly license cost to December 31st is the cost to get started.
A software license is renewed each year at the yearly license price.
A registration code required to run the software is generated yearly after the license has been paid.
To qualify for additional user price, additional user must be part of the same corporation.

Software Package

 Initial Purchase

 Yearly License

Order EXPRESS for Windows - Basic
Local print functions with the ability to receive order data directly or from another location via private encrypted files.



Order EXPRESS for Windows - Intermediate
Suppliers that need local printing, the ability to receive order data directly or from another location, and create turn-around asn/invoice documents.


Order EXPRESS for Windows - Advanced
Suppliers that need fully featured - local & remote printing with routing to other branches or suppliers, direct faxing, and turn-around asn/invoice documents.
Order EXPRESS for Windows - Additional Users
Includes all features present in the package purchased for the first user.

Unlimited Backup and Testing machine installations are allowed without additional expense. This means Order EXPRESS can be installed on as many machines as you like inside your company provided there is 1 active user. If you want run multiple copies simultaneously, please contact us for a quote.
Local (30 mile radius from our office) initial installation and training are included in the price.
Software media replacements, manuals and technical support are included in license fees.
Purchase orders are accepted.