## 4.4 Releases ### Beta Releases ## January 23, 2018 - v4.4.21.1 - Correction to the 150330 overlay output. Ready for live testing. Reverting to the latest release v4.3.1118.1 can be done safely if needed. ## January 22, 2018 - v4.4.21.0 - Internal memory fixes ## January 15, 2018 - v4.4.15.0 - Added support for TLW 810 Invoice overlay dated 150330. Configuration / Settings / Output Type. - Security changes required for license codes in the year 2020 ## 4.3 Releases ### Beta Releases - A new private link is required for to download the Beta versions. Send an email request to jeff@micro-ram.com for the link. ## June 30, 2016 - v4.3.1181.0 - Fixed DT code handling problem resulting in skipped orders. ## June 27, 2016 - v4.3.1178.7 - Edit Order Screen updated text EDI Transaction ID (850/862). Not all orders are 862 anymore. ## June 27, 2016 - v4.3.1178.6 - TLW 850 Crib DT code now pulled from 11ST line positions 5-11. ## June 27, 2016 - v4.3.1178.5 - TLW 850 Removed 00-Original - Web EDI 850 Added N1-SF-92 segment - Web EDI 850 Removed ITD-365 discount code ### Current Release ### v4.3.1118.1 - May 3, 2016 - Removed unused Raw EDI ITD discount line - Added Mach1 810 N1*SF Raw EDI - Fixed Mach1 810 N1*ST N104 was 005070479 now Crib Location (ex. 52403-LL08) - Fixed POR mode was not skipping Invoices on Raw EDI Legacy orders - New version of NSIS installer fixes security issue with dll files (sourceforce.net/p/nsis/bugs/1125) - Fixed backup/restore configuration missing items - Version checks and Updates are now using secure HTTPS/TLS on Vista-Windows 10 OS. XP will still use insecure HTTP. - Added dialog box reporting "no updates available" during an interactive check for updates. This has been missing since moving update checks to a background thread. - 850 removed '00-Original' and '05-Replacement' text from Release Number field ### v. May 4, 2015 - PATCH - Replaces missing zeros on REF*PK in ASN & INVOICE for orders where necessary to re-asn. - Please resubmit any orders that you have received an 824 application advice error. - Check your orders from April 10th through April 28th. - Look for orders where the Load Control number does not have any leading zeros in reprint screen. ### v4.3.117.0 April 28, 2015 - Disabled the removal of leading Zeros from the Serial/Load Control number on Legacy orders for further investigation. - Adjusted the Window size for users with font scaling over 100% ### v4.3.99.0 April 10, 2015 - Removed leading zeros from Legacy orders Load Control Number ### v4.3.98.3 April 9, 2015 - Fixed Leading Zero issue. Removed auto-generated leading zero in Unit-Pkg-ID number. - TLW 5N104 changed from 005070479 to the Deliver To Crib location. Facility code is unavailable. ### v4.3.69.0 - Fixed crash while printing Mach 1 bar-codes ### v4.3.63.0 - March 5, 2015 - Fixed WEB EDI creating facility code based ASN & Invoice files - Button text conditionally includes the word Send for Athena users ### v4.3.60.3 - March 2, 2015 - First 4.3 Release Version. This is a large update with many changes. Please read. - License agreement changes ownership to Micro-Ram Computer Systems, Inc. dba CUSTOM PROGRAMMING UNLIMITED - Rewritten EDI processing loop, better handling of multiple envelopes per file, added DUNS number checking, SS and PO checking, FA skipping, multiple checks for segment separator and line terminators. - TLW 850 fixed the ship to address field (850 support is still considered experimental) - Changed ZZ to SS for Trans Code - Adjusted column width to better fit data in Create ASN, Reprint, Unarchive screens - Discontinued using UPX to pack the program file. This should result in fewer false positives from Anti-Virus - Verified 4x6 UPS Thermal Labels print correctly. Make sure you set the paper size to 4x6 in the Windows Printer Preferences first. Then change label type in Settings to Portrait 1Up. - Weight is now calculated in the Create ASN screen from the Parts Database. The parts database weight is multiplied by the order quantity. ### SFTP direct upload to Cat for Athena users - Automatically uploads all of your ASN and Invoice files directly to Cat from the Create ASN screen when you select BUILD. - See Guide https://zwip.com/doc/index.php/Guides:Athena_SFTP_WinSCP_Setup - Instructions - Download and Install WinSCP from WinSCP.NET - Create your SFTP connection in WinSCP (Server/User/Password). Profile name must be in the form "CAT-X0000X0" for each of your supplier codes. - Check the WinSCP login by double clicking on the login. Accept any prompts so they will not prompt in the future. You should see 'Outbox' and possibly a sample file. - Change the global preferences in WinSCP. Click 'Tools' (drop down) / 'Preferences...' / 'Transfer' / Select 'Default' / Click Edit / Uncheck 'Preserve timestamp' / Click OK / Click OK - Open Order EXPRESS select Utilities / Configuration / File Locations / Click 'Auto Find' next to the WinSCP field. You should now have a path to WinSCP. Click OK to save. - (Useful only for debugging) Temporary files for WinSCP are saved to %temp%\CATASN-X0000X0201502021215.tmp ### Automatic Mode via Command Line - Added new command line options: (case insensitive) - /Q = QUIET MODE - Disable Prompts (only for Load New Orders / Daily Recap / Print All Bar-Codes) - /L = Load New Orders (Using input flat filename from configuration) - /D = Print Daily Recap - /P = Print All Bar-Codes - /F = Specify filename as /f:"c:\path\to\file.txt" - /X = Exit when done - Example: OrderEXPRESS.exe /q /p /d /l /x - The operational order is pre-determined regardless of command line order. Load New is first, then the Daily Recap, and finally the Bar-Codes are printed. - System default printer only. - Load New Orders log is saved to %temp%\OE_xxxx.tmp. - New license registration codes are automatically loaded when in /Q Quiet Mode without prompt. Program updates will need to be run manually due to UAC prompt. ### Future Release - Laser Print 1Up will be moving to half page to support printing on UPS 8.5x11 labels. Current 1Up format will be moved down to deprecated in the Settings page. It will still be available for use if needed. - Reviewing new TLW overlays for possible change - Re-adjust the weight if the qty shipped changes - - - ## 4.2 Release Notes ### v4.2.1253.279 - September 11, 2014 - Temporarily removed Trusted Link RECVFILE.000 support as it was breaking other formats and causing Order EXPRESS to freeze. ### v4.2.1250.272 - September 8, 2014 - Daily Recap change - Change orders are now denoted by a # symbol. It is always displayed even if the order has already been printed. - Bar-Code change - Change orders now say "REVISED ON" and the date instead of "Order Date" if the setting "print extras" is enabled as this field is technically out of spec but requested by the suppliers - Added the ability to process the raw EDI RECVFILE.000 from the TLW work folder - Added new BSS01 05 replacement order Mach1 & ZWIP support on both EDI&TLW - Updates are now checked in the background instead of at startup ### v4.2.1092.73 - April 3, 2014 (Legacy ASN build - Field too small Fix) - Additional correction on WEB EDI Legacy orders only during creation of flat files. ### v4.2.1078.71 - March 20, 2014 (Legacy ASN build - Field too small Fix) - The BSN/SID field was incorrect and was causing an error on Legacy orders only during creation of flat files. ### v4.2.1069.68 - March 11, 2014 (Mach1 BSN/SID Fix) - Cleaned up the Build ASN/Invoice screen. Removed the BSN/SID editing as it is no longer needed. ### v4.2.1057.61 - February 27, 2014 (Mach1 BSN/SID Fix) - Final fix for BSN/SID uniqueness problem with Mach1 Orders. BSN is now 14 Digits MMDDRRRRSSSSSS (M-Month D-Day R-Random S-Sequential 1-999999 each year) - ZWIP.COM Web site is now served via HTTPS. Updates and registration codes for Vista,7,8 users will be HTTPS on the next release. No XP HTTPS support as it does not support SNI. It is time to upgrade XP to 7. - Registration codes from Feb 1, 2014-Feb 26, 2014 were not being auto-updated due to a server change - Order EXPRESS is once again compressed with UPX. One AV reported a false positive because the file is packed. ### v4.2.268.968 - September 27, 2013 (SP20 v4.2 Revisions) - This Beta has the new Standard Practice 20 v4.2 Horizontal Mach 1 Layout. We were using the 2012 SP20 v3.5.2 standard which Cat no longer accepts. Changes to the bar code are most notably the removal of the 2D bar code and slight re-arranging of the right side. - Also included is a revised version of the Portrait bar-code which increases the bar-code width to help laser printer users meet the minimum bar-code width (thickness). Also, the From area width in the top left was reduced to make more room for the TO area. Please make sure your company name information still fits. - The old SP20 v3.5.2 is still available in this version if you need to revert. Utilities / Configuration / Settings / Mach 1 Bar-Code Type. It will be removed in future releases. ### v4.2.188.946 - July 8, 2013 (v3030 Invoices for Legacy ZWIP orders) - This version requires the Trusted Link Legacy ZWIP INVOICE trading partner for document type 810 changed to Overlay 'API_810_D_v3030_CATERPILLAR OBINV_110316'. This is the same invoicing overlay you should already be using for Mach 1. > Trusted Link users: Open Trusted Link, select Go / Administration. Select Edit / Trading Partners / 'INVOICE'. Select the 810 document. Click 'Maps & Forms'. Change drop down to 'API_810_D_v3030_CATERPILLAR OBINV_110316'. > POR (Paid On Receipt) users are not affected by this change as Invoices are not required for legacy orders. > WEB EDI users do not need to make any changes as v3030 will be used automatically for Legacy ZWIP invoices. ### v4.2.79.907 - March 21, 2013 - Fixed - WEB EDI - DTM*11 Date Shipped put back in Invoice 810. ### v4.2.78.905 - March 20, 2013 - Added - TLW & WEB EDI - LIN segment positions are now flexible for loading: Part Number, Keyword, Engineering Change, Identifier. - Fixed - TLW Weight left blank will now be set to 0 lbs. automatically. ### v4.2.71.885 - March 13, 2013 - Notice - Trusted Link users, Mach 1 ASN requires a weight. - Fixed - "Field too small" error when clicking Save in the Create ASN screen. The Engineering Change field had spaces making it too big to add to the parts database. The field size was increased in the Parts Database and spaces are now trimmed from the right side. ### v4.2.68.881 - March 10, 2013 - Added - Country of Origin now editable in Reprint / Edit Order & Manual Add - Fixed - Removed TLW & WEB EDI Mach 1 Invoice at Line item level DTM*11 Shipped Date per DART - Fixed - Mach 1 Invoice dates required 8 digit YYYYMMDD while ASN required 6 digits YYMMDD causing Flat File conversion errors. All Shipping and Arrival dates will now be entered as 6 digit YYMMDD. - Added - Date validation and other sanity checks now happen when you click "Build Flat File" in Create ASN screen. A window may appear with warnings if anything is missing or bad before you can Print or Build files. - Fixed - Create ASN Screen - Clicking Save after Build without selecting an order would crash Order EXPRESS - Updated - New fields in Create ASN screen now load and save to the Parts Database - Updated - New fields in Data Edit Parts Database (and the direct links from Create ASN & Reprint) are now finished and working. ### v4.2.63.752 - March 5, 2013 - Added - New Fields in Part Number Database: EC#, Weight, POLine, Country of Origin (Not Finished) - Fixed - TLW ASN Mach 1 - If Tracking Field is blank, the Invoice number field will be used automatically for REF*CN - Fixed - TLW ASN Mach 1 - EC field moved first and eliminated a space left by unused CG code - Fixed - TLW ASN Mach 1 - 8 Digit ship date was adjusted to 6 digits YYMMDD in Create ASN save. - Fixed - PO Line number (required) now defaults to '1'. - Fixed - SP20 3.5.2 Removed hard-coded country of Origin 'US'. Set your default in Configuration / Company Information. - Fixed - WEB EDI REF-BM-(load/pkg id-unit) changed back to REF-PK-(load/pkg id-unit) ### v4.2.59.729 - March 1, 2013 - Fixed - WEB EDI Load new orders was crashing. - Minor Fix - Suppressed potential standard error messages during automatic backup. > Users running Order EXPRESS on multiple machines should enable automatic backups on only one computer. ### v4.2.59.707 - March 1, 2013 - Fixed - Automatic backup is disabled while editing. Automatic backup is enabled only while the Order EXPRESS menu is displayed with no windows open. ### v4.2.58.695 - Feb 28, 2013 ### Please Backup your Database before installing v4.2 - Added - Automatic backups of database if enabled. Set the number of minutes between backups in Configuration / Automation/Internet tab. Backups are placed in the same folder as your database. - Added - Mach 1 SP20 v4.2 label format is now available using portrait mode for laser & thermal printers. Select your preferred Mach 1 label format in Configuration / Settings. If you want the additional information (Release #, Order Date, Supplier Part #, Box 1 of n) printed on the bar-code, please check "Print Extras on Bar-Codes". - Fixed - Mach 1 SP20 v3.5.2 format now prints without the "Extras" for testing and certification and allows you to enable printing that information with "Print Extras on Bar-Codes". This label format will may be deprecated in favor of the v4.2 portrait or a new v4.2 landscape layout as more feedback is received. - Added - Many new field have been added including: Shipping Co (SCAC), Tracking Number/Pro#, Package Type, Weight, PO Line Number, Country of Origin, SLED, lot, and raw order data. - Added - Access 2007/2010/2013 .ACCDB file preliminary support. Older Access .MDB files are getting a little old and may eventually need to be retired. Windows requires a new driver: AccessDatabaseEngine.exe from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13255 Installing will NOT conflict with the existing .MDB drivers we are currently using. Access .ACCDB support is ONLY for testing. Please continue to use .MDB files for production environments. To test, simply open your .MDB file in Access 2007 or newer and select yes to convert the file to the new format. Then browse to your new database file in Utilities / Configuration / File Locations. - Fixed - Loading new orders. The TLW & WEB EDI processing loop has been re-factored featuring better separator, terminator and facility code detection and better error reporting on unknown documents. - Removed - The help file has been removed. All documentation will now be on-line. Press F1 or Help / Help Topics to be directed to the ZWIP.COM/support page. ### New Fields Explained - Set the default values in Utilities / Configuration / Company. There should be valid data (PP/BOX71/etc.) Make sure you press OK to save the new values permanently. - SCAC: (Req) TD503 4 digit alpha "Standard Carrier Alpha Code". Possible values UPSN/FDE/etc. see http://zwip.com/support/download/SCAC_Codes.pdf - TransCode: (Req) TD504 (EDI Code 91) "Transportation Method/Type Code" E=Expedited Truck SR=Supplier Truck P=Private Carrier R=Rail M=Motor (Common Carrier) ZZ=Mutually Defined see http://zwip.com/support/download/TransCode.pdf - Equipment Initial: (Optional) TD3 ex. 'VEH#' - Vehicle Number: (Optional - Req Equipment Initial Above) TD3 - Vehicle Number '10001' - FOB: (Req) FOB01 CC=Collect DF=Defined by Buyer & Seller PO=Prepaid Only PP=Prepaid by Seller - Container Type: (Req) TD101 & CLD03 Examples 'PLT71','BOX71' - Number of Containers: (Req) TD102 Numeric '1' - Ship Date: (Req) DTM02 where DTM01=11 Actual Ship Date must be in YYMMDD (Example "130219" for February 19, 2013) - Arrival Date: (Req) DTM02 where DTM01=17 Estimated Arrival Date must be in YYMMDD (Example "130219" for February 19, 2013) - PO Line: Line item from the 850 PO, Please use 1 for now. This is from the blanket 850 PO. - Weight: Gross weight in LBS - Country of Origin: 2 Digit Alpha Code for Country ex. 'US' - SLED: "Service Life Expiration Date" must be in DDMmmYY format (Example "19Feb13" for February 19, 2013) - Tracking: REF02 where REF01=CN Carrier PRO# UPS Tracking Number, Fedex Tracking Number. If blank, the Invoice number will be used as was before this field was available. - Lot: The manufacturing lot number. Segment level only. ### Experimental - Experimental - Loading of 850's from TLW CAP:850 100726 is unchanged from 2012. We need more samples to continue development. Enable "Experimental Features" to test. - Experimental - The entire order in raw form is being compressed and stored with the order for possible future uses. Enable "Experimental Features" to test. ## 4.1 Release Notes ### v4.1.1014.1009 - Jan 15, 2013 - Changed - Unarchive Orders now uses the global sorting as specified in the Configuration / Settings - Fixed - Mach 1 DT Code was not printing all 5 digits. Was printing 2 digits then a hyphen then 2 more digits. ### v4.1.353.1000 - Dec 19, 2012 - Changed - Internet check for update and registration codes now happen even with an expired code. - Changed - WEB EDI shipping code from 2 to 92 for TD5 9800. Order EXPRESS v4.2 will have editable SCAC codes. - Fixed - TLW (CA1 v3020 [120620]) & WEB EDI CG code with the Identifier field has been removed from the Mach1 ASN. > Now that we are using full 10 digit part numbers with the 3- preceding the part number, the identifier is no longer necessary. ASNs with the CG code and no identifier grief out before ever being processed. ### v4.1.333.969 - Nov 29, 2012 - Fixed - WEB EDI Users - Facility code U9 was incorrectly added to the GS segment of ALL Mach 1 ASN instead of the Trading Partner for the order. This was keeping many ASNs from processing correctly. - Modified - Installer updated with newer look and feel. - Added - ZWIP Unit of Measure printed on the bottom of the Pick Ticket next to the "ORD QTY 0000000" - Added - Support for PROXY Servers. Order EXPRESS now uses the default proxy setting in "Control Panel / Internet Options / Connections / Lan Settings / Proxy" for HTTP connections. This should enable automatic updates and registration codes for users with a proxy server. - Added - Multiple Copies now available in the print dialog box in All New Bar-Codes and Reprint Bar-Code ### v4.1.289.895 - Oct 16, 2012 - Fixed - TLW Mach1 120620 Overlay ASN - BSN04 Date was missing the year. Resulting in Invalid Date rejection errors. Bug introduced in v. ### v4.1.288.887 - Oct 15, 2012 - Fixed - TLW ASN Ship Date was incorrectly being set to the order date. - Modified - ZWIP Pick Ticket now prints the Part Number and Time on the lower half. Also the Description is moved slightly for perforated pages. - Modified - Daily Recap header adjusted to include the Order Count and the New Order Count. - Added - Sort Orders by Part Number added to the Configuration Settings page. - Fixed - TLW Overlays in Settings updated to correctly match the current overlays - New - Current Overlay table posted http://zwip.com/support/doc/flat_file_formats.php > NOTE - The Current Overlays may be different than what you are running. You do need to update your overlays to match this table. The flat files generated by Order EXPRESS are unchanged. Most of the changes in the overlay are related to unused field defaults necessary for Mach 1. ### v4.1.281.867 - Oct 8, 2012 - Fixed - WEB EDI - Removed ITD segment (Terms discount. Always set to 0% thus not needed.) > NOTE - WEB EDI - When importing EDI files, do not select more than 10 files. The space allocated for file names is rather small. Please limit your selections to only a few files and run Daily / Load new orders several times if needed. As always, check your totals. ### v4.1.276.863 - Oct 3, 2012 - Fixed - WEB EDI - Importing orders without an Engineering Change, resulted in random data loading from the next line. Usually loaded 'SC' into Engineering change. Please remove 'SC' from any orders. - Fixed - TLW - CAT 862 120727 Overlay was not detected properly ### v4.1.270.850 - Sept 27, 2012 - Fixed - WEB EDI - Line counters in ASN and INVOICE files were off by 1. - Added - Button to Read the Release Notes when a new version is available. ### v4.1.269.841 - Sept 26, 2012 - Fixed - WEB EDI Mach1 Invoices had a 19 incorrectly hard-coded where is should have been 2V. - Fixed - WEB EDI Mach1 Invoices were using a single digit ST/SE loop control number. Cat now wants a 4-9 digit number. The new number is now always 9 digits MMDDNNNNN. Where MM is the month 09 DD is the day 26 and NNNNN is an incrementing number starting at 1 each day 00001. Today would read 092600001. - Added - WEB EDI Invoice files are now separated into CATINV_19.TXT and CATINV_2V.TXT files for upload. > NOTE: DO NOT UPLOAD CATASN.TXT or CATINV.TXT as those files have trading partners mixed together. They are now reserved for a future communications method. Please *ONLY* upload the separated files: CATINV_19.TXT, CAINV_2V.TXT, CATASN_03.TXT, CATASN_KO.TXT, etc. to their respective trading partner. All files are deleted each time you build flat files. Therefore if a file with a trading partner code exists, it is new and needs uploading to Cat. - Fixed - TLW ASN Overlay 000525 for ZWIP orders had a empty line after the 04 record. No changes are required. ### v4.1.263.819 - Sept 20, 2012 - Fixed registration lost entries upon expiration (again) - Added erase additional charges when deleting an order (not archiving) - Added support for Multiple Packages > Data menu - Reprint / Edit Orders - edit the quantity, packing list number and packaging type > Printing with multiple packages will print a MASTER LABEL bar-code and a bar-code label for each package > Printing multiple labels works from the Reprint / Edit Orders screen and Print All New Bar-Codes > Packing List number generator MMDDNNNNNN where MM=Month DD=Day and NNNNNN starts at 1 each day and increments > Packing List uses the Load number for the master 'REF PK' and the packing lists numbers for 'REF LS' in ASN - Fixed Missing 04 record on loading TLW overlay 862 020621 (note this overlay is being replaced see below) - Added new 862 overlay dated 120727 - This overlay is now available and can be used for Mach1 Trading Partners > Mach1 orders can have multiple line items including un-filled previous releases > Failure to upgrade to this overlay can result in the wrong quantity loaded into the order on Mach1 > Download: http://zwip.com/support/download/CATWD862_2003_120727.mrg.zip > If you are loading the overlay from a different source, make sure you change it over to Fixed / Fixed mode in the Forms Builder - Fixed WEB EDI hard-coded KO trading partner from incoming WEB EDI Mach1 orders. > Please verify the trading partner on each existing order via the shipping address. - Added WEB EDI ASN Files now create one file for each trading partner > CATASN.TXT contains all of the ASN data, but Cat wants each facility to receive a separate file > Now files are created like CATASN_xx.TXT where xx is 2 digit facility code > CATASN_KO.TXT, CATASN_03.TXT and CATASN_ZWIP.txt are now created. > DO NOT upload the CATASN.TXT file if you are uploading the individual files. > Send the CATASN_ZWIP.TXT to facility 19 > Send the CATASN_03.TXT to facility 03 > Send the CATASN_KO.TXT to facility KO etc. - Marked some legacy code with deprecation notices. - Added Bar-Code printing now includes the Order Date under the supplier name / address top left #### ** Experimental Updates ** - Experimental Features must be enabled in Configuration / Settings for 2-UP Printing & Loading 850 POs from TLW - 850 Purchase Order updates uses the new Packing List number generator as there is no Load/Release number - Printing 2-UP per page bar-codes tweaked - laser label paper for 2up printing now available - Database field "Supplier Part Number" prints in the upper right corner portrait & landscape. Portrait will probably be removed in the future #### ** Future Changes ** - Engineering Change may be moved to the database. I hear it will be a new PO# if the EC is different - SLED and LOT# may be implemented based on need - 850 PO ASN & INVOICES volunteers are needed for testing ### v4.1.190.374 - July 9, 2012 - Added - Order sorting option in configuration settings - Fixed - Invoice number now optional on ASN - Added - Slash Zero font file included in installer - Fixed Mach 1 SP20 Bar-Code changes from Cat feedback ### v4.1.171.200 - June 20, 2012 - Added - Experimental 850 support TLW CAP:850 100726 Overlay - Added - Experimental 2-up on a page bar-codes - Fixed - Web EDI 12 digit part number incoming - Added - Mach1 POR option - Added - Mach1 Overlay CA1:856 120117 Support - Fixed - Help File - Added - SID Change in Build Flat File dialog box - Added - Print Release # on Mach1 Bar-Code ## 4.0 Release Notes ### v4.0.3345.20 - Dec 12, 2011 - Web EDI users - A new 810 v3030 EDI document was created for Mach 1 orders. All older ZWIP orders will continue to generate the same v3020 document we have used for years. ### 4.0.3340.19 - Dec 7, 2011 - Trusted Link users - More updates to the API:810 v3030 overlay. Added support for INVOICE2V trading partner using the API:3030 overlay. Please see the KB1005 for instructions on setup of both Order EXPRESS and Trusted Link. ### 4.0.3332.17 - Nov 27, 2011 - Trusted Link users - Added trading partner INVOICE2V using the CA1:810 v2001 [981116] overlay. ### 4.0.3311.16 - Nov 6, 2011 - Public release of 4.0. ### 4.0.3311.14 - Internal build - Added new update download code and automatic Internet based registration code handling. Updated hashing from MD5 to SHA256 on download file. Added new EDI and Trading Partner fields to database. New Mach 1 Print layout. Moved columns in Reprint and Create ASN screens. Changed handling of line select to highlight the entire line. New Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 compiler. Does not work on Windows 2000 systems. Due to the new compiler differences Major version number was bumped from 3.0 to 4.0. - Upgraded Compiler Visual Studio 2010 ## 3.0 Release Notes ### Overview * Registry location moved from HK_Local_Machine to HK_Current_User for Vista and Windows 7. * Upgraded Compilers from VC6 to VC8 (Now requires MSVCR80.DLL runtime) * Cleaned up memory leaks. * Additional clean up of pricing rounding errors. * Fixed Expired registration code leading to partial configuration data loss. * Added EDI filename and bytes stored information at success of create batch. * Backup and Restore configuration into a standard XML file. * Backup data file is now AES encrypted unique to your company. * Expanded Reprint Order screen with button to edit parts database for selected item. * Expanded Unarchive screen to bring back an entire batch of orders. * Added button in Create ASN screen to edit parts database for selected item. * Added Experimental Features configuration choice. * Added Check the Internet for Updates configuration choice. * Added Overwrite existing orders choice. Set this on if you are not purging your old orders yearly. * Removed BCLW.DLL file. (16bit only not needed) * Updated internal ZLIB version due to a very public bug in zlib * Help file (OrderEXPRESS.chm) launch from Help menu fixed. * Changed default button in edit database screen to Save. Previously pressing Enter would Close the window. ### Details * Registry - OE 2.0 used H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and while Windows 7 and Vista would virtualize these keys. It was time to move them to H_KEY_CURRENT_USER as per Windows 7 and Vista requirements. * Upgraded Compilers, Memory Leaks, and STRNCPY - OE 3.0 started a long time ago and VC8 was current at the time. As part of the upgrade, a requirement to validate copies in memory switched from STRNCPY to STRNCPY_S. That was terrible. The new STRNCPY_S adds a null terminator where the old STRNCPY did not. This did not go well for moving around data inside a 80 column fixed record. As a result of all of this moving, a focus was placed on finding memory leaks and closing them. * Registration Code - Order EXPRESS had a nasty habit of not saving all of your configuration settings when you let the registration expire. This has been corrected and the ability to backup your configuration settings has been added. * Backup Data - It is very easy to make backup copies of your data file. (Utilities / Backup Database) This resulting file is a proprietary .oeb file. It is highly compressed and now encrypted using a hash of information unique to your company. While the old files were not easily readable due to the compression. This new AES level encryption ensures security of any leaked backup data. OE 3.0 can restore older backup files. New files created with version 3.0 or higher are not readable by older versions of Order EXPRESS. * Experimental features - A new 2D bar-code can be printed to highlight the ability to encode all of the fields into 1 simple bar-code. * Internet Updates - When enabled this option checks for new versions of Order EXPRESS. Please leave this enabled. This will be the only method we will use to notify you of updates. This has been on without option for years in all version 2.0 releases. ### Acknowledgements * Compiler & IDE - Microsoft Visual Studio - http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio * Executable Compression - UPX - http://upx.sourceforge.net/ * Version Numbering- verbuild - http://www.codeguru.com/cpp/v-s/devstudio_macros/add-ins/article.php/c14453 * Source Formatting - Astyle - http://astyle.sourceforge.net/ * Installer - NSIS - http://nsis.sourceforge.net/ * Bar-Code Library BCLW32.DLL - Portions of the bar code technology of this product are copyrighted by StrandWare, Inc. * SHA hashing library FIPS 180-2 SHA-224/256/384/512 implementation Last update: 02/02/2007 Issue date: 04/30/2005 Copyright (C) 2005, 2007 Olivier Gay <olivier.gay@a3.epfl.ch> All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution. 3. Neither the name of the project nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE PROJECT AND CONTRIBUTORS ``AS IS'' AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE PROJECT OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. * AES Encryption Rijndael by Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen * XMLite Library XMLite : XML Lite Parser Library by bro ( Cho,Kyung Min: bro@shinbiro.com ) 2002-10-30 Microsoft MVP (Visual C++) bro@msmvp.com Updates for VS2005, additions for CCInfo, and other fixes hguy@cogniview.com http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/3426/XMLite-simple-XML-parser