This page is for Athena users on how to setup direct SFTP Uploading of ASNs and Invoices. ### Requirements ### Order EXPRESS v4.3 or later Athena CAT EDI portal credentials WinSCP (v5.7 shown) ### Setup ### ###Install WinSCP### Download the WinSCP **Installation Package** from the []( download page. After downloading, double click on the winscp_setup.exe Installation Package and follow the instructions for a normal installation. ###Configure WinSCP### Create your SFTP connection in WinSCP (Host Name/User Name/Password provided by Caterpillar). Click Save. Change the Site name to be in the form "CAT-X0000X0" for each of your supplier codes. **Check** "Save Password" as it is required for automated operation. Note: The "Host name" will be: **** during QA (QA = Quality Assurance testing). Then the host name will change to **** once in production. Note 2: Use your actual supplier code, not the example X000X0. The actual supplier code on the order is used for determining the proper SFTP mailbox. This is especially important for companies with multiple supplier codes. A mailbox and 'CAT-(supplier code)' WinSCP entry will need to be setup for each supplier code. Caterpillar will provide different logins for each supplier code. ![WinSCP_Login](athena/WinSCP_Login.png) Click Edit / Advanced. Select Directories on the left side. Uncheck "Remember last used directory" and clear the Remote directory field. ![Uncheck Directory](athena/UncheckDirectory.png) Change the global preferences in WinSCP. Click 'Tools' (drop down) / 'Preferences...' / 'Transfer' / Select 'Default' / Click Edit / Uncheck 'Preserve timestamp' / Click OK / Click OK ![Preserve Timestamp](File:UncheckPreserveTimestamp.png) ###Test WinSCP### Verify the WinSCP login is working by double clicking on the **CAT-X0000X0** login. Accept the key and the Notice by checking the prompts so they will not prompt in the future. ![](athena/Save-session.png) ![](athena/Authentication-Banner.png) On the right pane you should see the 'Outbox' folder and possibly a sample file. Disconnect by closing the entire window. Open WinSCP and login again. You should not have any pop-up prompts. If you are instantly back to the 'Outbox' again in the right pane your testing is complete. **Failure to complete this step will result in no data being transferred.** ![](athena/SFTP-Normal-Window.png) ###Configure Order EXPRESS for SFTP### Open Order EXPRESS select Utilities / Configuration / File Locations / Click 'Auto Find' next to the WinSCP field. You should now have a path to WinSCP. Click OK to save. ![](athena/WinSCP-setup.png) ## Usage ## ###Download from Athena### Athena is a web based mailbox system for orders similar to the WebEDI you are already using. To pull orders from Athena to Order EXPRESS, select one or more orders, then select Export / EDI from the dropdown menu. Save the file to your Downloads or other folder. Open Order EXPRESS, select 'Daily / Load New Orders...' and select the file you just downloaded from Athena. ###Upload to CAT### Order EXPRESS now communicates directly with Caterpillar for sending out ASN & Invoices. Once in SFTP (Athena) mode, create your ASN & Invoice, then Select 'Build & Send Files'. Your ASN & Invoice is automatically sent using the WinSCP program in the background. You do not have to upload them into Athena unlike WebEDI where you would Upload / Browse to the CAT-ASN.TXT & CAT-INV.TXT files to send from the WebEDI page. Order EXPRESS uses the presence of the WinSCP.exe in the Utilities / Configuration / File Locations / WinSCP.exe field to switch from WebEDI mode to SFTP mode. The different is in WebEDI mode, your output files will be saved to the location specified in the 'Output Flat File / WebEDI' field. While in SFTP mode, the buttons in the Create ASN & Invoice screen change from 'Build Files' to 'Build & Send Files', the EDI files and log files are saved in the windows %temp% folder and automatically sent via WinSCP to the Outbox folder of the WinSCP entry named CAT-(your supplier code). Fill in the ASN and Invoice data on the Create ASN screen as usual. Click the Build button to display the build ASN & Invoice window. Pressing Build will automatically open multiple WinSCP windows and the transfers will happen concurrently. Transfers take only a few seconds and the windows will disappear. ## Switching from QA to Production ## When switching from **** to **** domains you must also double click to check the login and accept the new server fingerprint. Cat requires suppliers to setup the QA mailbox first and send a couple of tests. Once you are finished with testing, open WinSCP and remove the 'qa' from the domain and test your login again. Now you are ready to send live ASN and Invoices. The QA mailbox does stay available you can always switch back and send some tests if needed. Order EXPRESS does not know which mailbox QA or production you are using. ## Background ## Caterpillar is phasing out [WebEDI]( for their new web portal called [Athena]( Athena does not have the ability to Upload raw EDI documents to send back to Caterpillar. Because of this limitation, we have added the ability into Order EXPRESS to upload directly to a mailbox on Cat's servers.