## Background ## Order EXPRESS stores data in a single database file called '''Order EXPRESS Data.mdb'''. This is a standard Microsoft Access data file. This file can be stored locally on your workstation or on your file server. We recommend you move this data file to your file server to ensure regular backups and for ease of sharing with other workstations. ## Backup Tools ## Order EXPRESS has 2 menu items to backup everything you need to move to a new PC. Select Utilities / Backup / Database. Select the destination for your database backup. Next select Utilities / Backup / Settings. Select the destination for your settings backup. You can backup these files to a file server or a flash drive easily. The database is compressed and should fit easily on a modern flash drive. Please use the backup menu item to move the data file as it is encrypted for data safety, it is also compressed to save a considerable amount of space and it includes several integrity checks to ensure the restored file is in tact. ## Restore Tools ## Restoring Order EXPRESS data to a new computer is a simple process. First you need to [https://zwip.com/download/](download) a new copy of the Order EXPRESS program. All users are expected to run the latest version of Order EXPRESS so you can safely download the latest version. Install Order EXPRESS by running the downloaded OrderEXPRESS-Setup.exe file. Run the Order EXPRESS program from the Start Menu. You will be prompted to Restore the settings file backup. Select your settings backup xml file from your flash or backup drive. Order EXPRESS will open to the main menu without a database file. Take a moment and check the Database File Path under Utilities / Configuration / File Locations. Now it is time to adjust the folder path if needed to point to a valid folder on the new computer or on the file server. It's ok if the file doesn't exist yet, it will be restored to the designated file name next. Now you can select Utilities / Backup & Restore / Restore Database. Select your backup file from the flash drive or backup drive. ## Manual Backup ## Manually moving Order EXPRESS to another PC is also simple. Locate your database file. Check in Utilities / Configuration / File Locations if you need the path. If the file is already on a LAN file server you can skip this step. Copy the '''Order EXPRESS data.mdb''' file. Second, start the Windows Registry Editor program by Clicking on the Start button then Select Run. Type in REGEDIT and press the OK button. Right Click on the Key [HKeyCurrentUser\Software\Custom Programming Unlimited]. Select Export and save this file. ## Manual Restore ## Install Order EXPRESS on the new computer from a the [https://zwip.com/download/](download) page. Open the Windows Registry Editor and Select File/Import. Import the file .reg file created during backup. Copy the '''Order EXPRESS data.mdb''' file to a new folder. Then open the Order EXPRESS program, verify the database path is correctly pointing to the database file and all the settings have been restored.