Document #1006 - Troubleshooting Mach 1 Setup

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DX-XF-VF.080 Files Being Created

After you map the new Mach 1 orders to flat file, check the C:\Program Files\Inovis\Trusted Link\mapdata\ folder for a current file DX-XF-VF.080 - If you have a VF that means the overlay is not set to fixed format and you might not have received the overlay from me. A simple fix, from Trusted Link: Go / Forms Builder. File / Open / select the CAT_862_D_v2003_CATERPILLAR_120727 overlay. Select Tools / Flat File. Change selection to "Fixed Record Length / Fixed Field Length". Click Generate. Click Close. Close the file. (The save happened automatically when you clicked Generate.)


Please see the Flat File Formats page for Overlays.